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What if you could save more money to pay off debts, or to put down towards the house of your dreams in the span of just a few minutes today?

Or, let me rephrase that…

What if, in under a month, you could gain control over your money and create a plan that will help you turn your budget into an asset.

… A budget so powerful and simple that it won’t even feel like a budget; it’ll be part of your lifestyle where YOU put your money to work for you and your family.

Because making healthy financial choices will set you free and help you live the life you want; debt-free, in the house of your dreams, and knowing that you are prepared for any unexpected emergency.

If you want to learn how to create a budget that actually works and that you’ll stick to…

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Here’s the problem…

You know that in order to save money, you need a budget…

However, you’re constantly finding yourself…

Imagine having a budget system that helps you save, make, AND grow your money... without having to feel miserable or change your entire life.

What would happen? Let me ask your future self…

If you want to learn how to create a budget and save money easily without feeling overwhelmed, I have something for you…

Introducing the SGM Budget System

The plug-and-play system that helps you create a simple and money-making budget in minutes

The SGM Budget system is everything you need to:

Here’s what Melissa said about the SGM Budget System

"No budget system out there tells me how to manage my money"

I LOVE IT!!! The video instructions helped me set up my spreadsheet and I also printed the printable version so that I can make quick additions and updates to my budget.

This is so simple! I also LOVE how Elenny added ways for me to save money, grow my money, and make more money. Literally no budget system out there tells me how to invest or how to make more money on the side.

I would buy again 100%

Melissa, BLOGGER

Spreadsheet budget tracker (plug-and-play)

Which does the math for you all you have to do is plug your numbers in, and you’ll know exactly how much you should be setting aside and how to save more.

Video instructions to guide you every step of the way

I tell you exactly how to use your budget system and walk you through how the system works.

Printable monthly budget tracking sheets

so that you can keep track of your monthly expenses on the go (includes financial improvement tips that you can implement today).

On top of all of that, you're also going to get access to a my best ways to grow & invest money to take you to the finish line faster...

let's dive into your bonuses


Money making & investing plan (included in the spreadsheet)

so that you can learn and implement effective ways to invest your money and also make more with side hustles.


Elenny’s top 5 index funds

so that you can learn one of the many ways I earn yearly returns on that investment.



Are you finally ready to save money easily?



What makes the SGM Budget System different?

This is the ONLY bluff-free system that only focuses on what truly matters so that you can create your budget within minutes and stick to it from day one.

Because this is a plug-and-play system, just plug in your numbers (income, expenses, etc) and it will automatically do the math for you so that you can know exactly how you should be managing your money.

The end result: a budget that you’ll stick to.

Are you ready to create your budget and save money easily?



Hey there! I’m Elenny, and I can’t wait to see you on the other side of your financial freedom journey.

I created this system because a lot of budget systems out there are sooo long that I gave up halfway through, plus I was never able to stick to a budget.

I also hated how the budget systems out there don’t focus on how to make or invest money aside from saving it, so I created a system that focuses on saving, making, and growing (SGM).

You have questions. I have answers.

This is the only plug-and-play system that also shows you ways to make your money grow and start profitable side hustles. Also, the math is done for you! Just plug in your numbers, and the system will do the rest.

Not at all! I recorded a video tutorial showing you exactly how to use it, but the system is self-explanatory and very simple.

Nope! We only focused on keeping track of what ACTUALLY matters, so you’ll save time, money, and create your budget in minutes!

You should! That’s why we kept this system short and simple. We know that it’s very easy to create a budget and not stick to it, but this system is so simple that anyone should stick to it.

NO! That’s another amazing thing about this system! Budgets should be fun and you shouldn’t feel miserable about saving money… you will only eliminate what you know is not serving you and find better ways to do what you already love.

Upon payment confirmation, you will be redirected to the downloads page where you will have 2 PDF files.

The PDF files contain the links you need: the spreadsheet system which has the video instructions inside, and the printable version.

You’ll also receive a few confirmation emails!

Because you’ll get immediate access to the entire budget system, no refunds will be granted.

Please read this entire page before buying.

Still undecided?

This budget system is a perfect fit for you, if…

Are you finally ready to save money easily?



There has never been a better time to take control over your money and financial freedom.

the time is now!

If you’re ready to stop playing feeling overwhelmed and start achieving everything you’ve ever wanted, I’m holding out my hand waiting for you to grab on.

You DON’T need a 6-figure income to save money and make it work for you. This misconception dies right here, right now.

You DON’T need to starve yourself or stop buying the things that make you happy; you just need to do it differently.

The best way to overcome the frustration of not knowing how to save money efficiently is already here.

Ready for the best way to save money easily, without the overwhelm?





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